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CityStreet Residential Partners (CSRP) is an experienced, highly regarded real estate firm that specializes in the acquisition and development of multifamily and RV resort real estate properties. The company is focused on superior product execution and on finding opportunities when returns are at their greatest. Our core values are personified by one simple phrase: “Exceed expectations”. Every day the company strives to exceed the expectations of our equity partners, our bankers, and our residents.

CSRP was formed in 2013 by Rick Craig. Rick’s extensive multifamily experience dates back to 1985 and comes through Finger Companies, Trammell Crow Residential, Gables Residential Trust, and Simmons Vedder Partners. Over the years, Rick has managed the development of 6,000+ multifamily units in all of the major Texas markets. The CityStreet framework is a blend of Rick’s experience and the company goal is simple: exceed expectations. CityStreet Residential has a stellar reputation in the multifamily community and strives to be a leader in Class A multifamily and RV resort development. CityStreet develops opportunistically, and its development goals and asset disposition decisions are reflective of the market cycle and opportunities. CityStreet Residential prides itself on generating superior returns through excellent site selection, solid execution and a comprehensive focus on quality.

Meet the team

Rick Craig

Chief Executive Officer

Rick is the CEO of CityStreet Residential Partners. With his 31+ years of multifamily...
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Derick Craig


Derick is President of CityStreet Residential Partners. He is responsible...
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John Cutrer

Chief Investment Officer

John is the CIO of CityStreet Residential Partners and was the chief investment...
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Joe Blades

Chief Financial Officer

Joe is the CFO of CityStreet Residential Partners. He is responsible for the...
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Brady Grace

Development Director

Brady is the Development Director of CityStreet Residential Partners...
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Kathryn Harris

VP - Development

Kathryn is the Vice President of Asset Development for CityStreet Residential Partners...
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Ryan Waikem

Development Associate

Ryan is the Development Associate for CityStreet Residential Partners in the Central...
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Eve Griffin

Development Analyst

Eve is the Development Analyst for CityStreet Residential Partners...
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Mary Ann Matak

Financial Controller

Mary is the Controller for for CityStreet Residential Partners...
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Keri Carter

Human Resources Manager

Keri is the Human Resources Manager for CityStreet Residential Partners handling...
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Caitlin Graham

Assistant Controller

Caitlin is the Assistant Controller for CityStreet Residential...
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Rina Vallejo

Staff Accountant

Rina is the Accounting Assistant for CityStreet Residential Partners...
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Cindy Patterson

Administrative Assistant

Cindy joined CityStreet as an Administrative Assistant in 2016...
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